Are you looking to make changes to your health & lifestyle?



Laura Daniel Fitness

I am an enthusiastic, passionate and driven female Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach based in Cheshunt, Hertfordshire.
I set up Laura Daniel Fitness haven worked in a professional job for 12 years.

I risked it all by giving up a career I was comfortable in to follow my passion of healthy living.


Are you looking to make changes to your health and lifestyle?

Do you wish to lose stubborn fat? Gain muscle? Tighten up? Or just improve your overall fitness?

Would you like more energy and a positive outlook?
Do you wish you to feel more comfortable in your own skin?
Learn how to stop yo-yo dieting and eat the right calories for your body?

Can you tick any of these boxes?
If so get in touch for your FREE consultation to discuss your
tailor made plan whether it be exercise or nutrition coaching, or BOTH!

Personal Fitness Trainer in Cheshunt and Certified Nutrition Coach

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