Female Personal Fitness Trainer and Nutrition Coach Based in Cheshunt, Hertfordshire

Laura Daniel

Hi, I’m Laura, a certified fitness trainer and nutrition coach living in Cheshunt, Hertfordshire.

I founded EAT LIVE LEAN as I know what it feels like to be totally lost in your journey. I thought I was doing everything right, but clearly I wasn’t. My body became stubborn and losing fat was a grind. Despite my low calorie intake and hours of cardio my body did not change. I was “stuck” inside a body I disliked.


I thought I could figure it all out alone without any education, support, clarity, or guidance. After years of frustration I knew I had to make a change 


After 3 years personal training, something was missing, I knew a lot about exercise but not enough about nutrition and especially not the science behind it. In 2018, I certified as a nutrition coach and in 2020 I upped my game and gained another certificate in functional nutrition and women’s health.


It then became very clear why some women struggled to lose weight, the reasons behind it, and what was needed to kick start fat loss.


Armed with my tools, systems, and resources I made my boldest move yet by moving my business online. Having an online business meant I could reach and serve frustrated women worldwide.


2 years on, business is booming, I have had the pleasure in helping 100’s of women all over the globe transform not only their bodies, but also their relationship with food, and their quality of life via my 3 step method inside Eat LIVE LEAN.