Usually when women first contact me, they experience some, if not all of the following:

The Programme:


  • A history of yo-yo dieting  

  • Confusion around nutrition

  • Unhappy in their appearance

  • Unhealthy habits

  • Feeling tired/sluggish

  • Low motivation

  • Low confidence

  • Spending money on quick fixes

The Transformation:


  • New understanding of nutrition and fitness

  • Losing fat without giving up your favourite foods

  • Feeling strong, confident, lean and enjoying exercise

  • New healthy, lifelong, sustainable habits

  • Energetic, joyful and feeling happier in other aspects of life also

  • Positive new outlook ahead

  • New love for your body and it’s capabilities

  • Saving extra money to spend on yourself.

Fitness and nutrition is not a one size fits all recipe. Getting serious can sometimes feel overwhelming, so we break it down to set goals, intentions, mastering new habits and re-framing your mindset for success. With this preparation, it gives you a crystal clear vision and path towards your goal.

If you can’t see yourself doing something for the rest of your life, results won’t be sustainable. In this programme we learn how to ditch the diet culture and teach you how to best fuel your body for optimal results.

This coaching programme is about serving you the truth, and shutting down the common misconceptions about healthy eating and dieting.

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