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Join me and my weekly workouts for as little as £20 per month! Online training is new and
upcoming. It is used by millions all over the world. Its a very effective way to get your workout
done at home or in the gym without having to plan the workout yourself. Have it pre-planned by a
professional instead. Each Sunday your weekly workouts are uploaded into the software which is
delivered to you via my app. Every exercise has a video for you to replicate with a detailed
description. Each exercise will be broken down into sets and reps in an easy way for you to

• Download App for FREE
• Only £20 per month
• No Contract (cancel anytime)
• Software measures your progress and statistics
• Detailed breakdown of each workout
• Video and description of every exercise
• Insert your transformation photos
• No Gym membership needed
• Workout from home
• Email Support

Personal Training App

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