Results from some of our clients at Laura Daniel Fitness

Before I started ELL, I was following a 1,200 calorie diet, working out 5 days a week with ZERO results. I was tired, hungry and sick of staying the same. I would binge on the weekends and then restrict again. 

My life couldn’t be more different now. ELL taught me how to eat more food and get the toned body I wanted. I no longer binge or RestrIct and I NEVER feel hungry. Laura increased my calories by 700 per day and i finally started seeing results. I was so shocked that i could eat so much more and finally see the result I’ve always wanted.

I no longer have to stress about what workouts I am going to do as they are laid out for me ready in the app each week. I have fallen in love with training and it no longer feels like a chore to me because I know exactly what I am doing.

I thought quitting cardio and eating more food would make me gain fat but it has done the opposite. I have never felt this comfortable in my skin.

ELL is for anyone who is serious about making a change. It’s been the best investment in myself.

Prior to working with Laura, I was struggling to find a balance of eating well and exercising. Laura changed all that for me. She taught me how to lose fat in a way that was sustainable for me so I did not have to give up my love of G&T or my favourite foods. I get to choose what I want to eat, which has been so helpful for me. I no longer  label foods “good” and “bad”. I have learned so much about the metabolism and how the body works.

I never believed losing fat would be so easy. Before working with Laura I had done the Cambridge diet and slimming world but gained back every pound I lost.

I love my training schedule, it’s the best part of my day. I never thought  I would enjoy working out at home as much as I do now. Laura has changed my life in so many ways. I no longer avoid mirrors or pull myself apart each day. 

Laura’s coaching is worth, it’s weight in GOLD. I have ZERO regrets. I wouldn’t be where i am now without Laura coaching me through my journey. My life has changed dramatically. My only wish is I found her sooner.

Working with Laura, was one of the best decisions I made. I used to skip lunch and eat as little as possible in the hope of gaining the body I wanted. She changed all that for me. I am now able to eat so much more food, especially carbs and I feel like a new women. Looking back now I do not know how I survived on such little food. I used to exercise to burn calories, thinking that is what I had to do to get “abs”. I love her style of training and never dread a workout like I used to. My body has changed so much. I love the new leaner me.

Laura’s style of coaching is just what I needed, she supported and motivated me to be the best version of myself. She was always there to answer my questions/concerns, so I never felt alone or lost in my journey.

 If you want to learn how to lose fat and “tone up”  without over exercising or restrictive dieting, sign up with Laura. And the best part is, she teaches you how to maintain your weight loss, which is something I have never been able to do. You’ll never have to diet again.