Not only will you learn proven diet strategies, you’ll also have a coach guiding you through the whole process, never again will you feel overwhelmed, confused, or alone in your journey. 

What you get…. 

✔ A diet strategy you can actually stick with 

…so you don’t have to worry about falling off the wagon


✔ A structured training programme designed to tighten and strengthen your body you’re working smarter not harder


✔ Weekly check-ins with your coach to monitor progress, provide feedback and support

… so you’re never second guessing your progress 

✔ A convenient app to track your whole journey, plus access to the group chat forum for even more support 

…so you’ll never feel like you’re ‘on your own

✔ A plan to follow once the programme is finished 

… so you’ll have no problem maintaining your weight



  • Master new habits & habit tracking

  • Ditching the diet

  • Introduction to macros and tracking

  • Introduction to resistance training




  • Assessment + Adjustments

  • Understanding “The Scale”

  • Calories in Vs Calories out

  • Metabolism 101



  • Reverse Dieting

  • Improving Metabolism

  • Maintaining Your Fat Loss

  • Food Freedom For Life

EAT LIVE LEAN was created to help women who need *more* than another diet.

Heard enough?

Ready to learn even more?


Click the ‘book a call’ button to apply for a free discovery call to see how EAT LIVE LEAN can help end your frustration once and for all.

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